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Watch closely as I slo-mo Kev’s suck under and subsequent pig-sticking. He is white hot right now. TS2013

Jacob ‘Hollywood’ Mikoleit, that is. He is truly the next thing to watch in our crew from a pure production standpoint. He has a really nasty bobber and jig game for salmon you just don’t find very often. Here is a raw video of Jake ‘Hollywood’ Mikoleit’s trip inland with the fellas…I got to spend […]

Here’s a video I put together (minus Kevin and Terry’s steelhead…I was upriver) from Sunday’s trip with Kevin Gray, his father Terry, MCP Morris, Nick Nichols, John Webb and Jared Sanchez. THIS is and WE are TeamSalmon2013. NEW MOVIE HERE

Thanks to everyone that participated in this one. We had almost fifty anglers which is close to a record for such a narrow time period enlisted. WTFG. * * *

Only available through pre order these Anglers who scored the limited edition Native Series hoodies from are stoked. Special thanks to John Webb, owner of In Your Face Graphics and Tinting for spearheading this project. The quality is high and the graphics are…well…sick. * * * All Around is a edutainment product from […]

We’ve got lots of winter steelhead stuff happening early enough in the season to give us a hopeful outlook on the meat of the season. Not only did the big rain bring in an early shot of fish but there seems to be a steady trickle maintaining it’s progress, overall. We’re starved for rain once […]

My Dad’s buddy Dan Shively recently bought a driftboat. They’ve been pulling plugs together now for about 6 or 8 months. Both for steelhead and salmon. They’ve had some success with steelhead but hadn’t got down and dirty with a big Chinook Salmon yet. Scratch that: Now they have. This Chinook Salmon was so big […]

GFK Every time I go out on the water is a precious time for me. It’s time spent I don’t take for granted. It’s where I draw my energy and it truly is who I am. My soul-filler for sure. Sometimes I’m out there with someone I’ve just met, often through this website. Other times […]

This stunning sun up river shot taken on a coastal river near you…. I’m really excited to have back to back chrome fall kings submitted to All Around Around in as many days. This lucky angler you see here is my dad’s friend, Ken MacDonald. We’ve always called him Kenny Mack here on the site. […]

You’ve seen him contribute with articles, pictures, video clips and thoughtful comments. You’ll hopefully see some footage from him and I Salmon & Steelhead fishing this weekend as well. He is the husband of an old friend of mine from the NEP. He is simply known as: El Padron. Hey, find an on-line translator if […]