I am very proud to share this piece from Seattle’s own Mike Hale! So stoked. Enjoy! Pics first then article.







On April 16 & 17 I was fortunate enough to participate in Something Catchy’s Lake Chelan Kokanee Derby with Rick Denham from Holy Moly Outdoors. For those unaware, Something Catchy is a non-profit charity that promotes and coordinates fishing trips for children and veterans. I was very impressed by the passion and desire this charity brings to helping better the lives of children and veterans by sharing/introducing the love of fishing to these individuals. You can find them on Facebook for more info. I look forward to participating in more events with Something Catchy in the future.

As for the Derby, there were several prize categories besides Kokanee as there are numerous species of fish to be caught on Lake Chelan. For those who haven’t fished for Kokanee, a typical method is to troll a dodger with your set-up (wedding ring, hoochie skirt, mini-superbait) with a double hook set-up with corn or maggots approx. 10 – 16” behind the dodger. Colors and scents vary depending on what the fish like at the time and the time of day. For example, more UV or Glow is used on the dodger & lures earlier in the day and lower in the water column, while more natural colors are used when the sun is higher. Of course there are always exceptions, but that is a typical rule of thumb. With the Kokanee, you are seeking a school of fish and are trying to irritate them into biting. They are aggressive fish that don’t want to share their food, so they get pissed off and will bite if you’re lucky.

We started our day off early Saturday morning before sunrise and the lake was like glass. With three of us in the boat we started our day off fishing with (4) rods. Our initial offerings were UV and Glow dodgers with hoochie skirts of orange and pink and we started at depths ranging from 40 – 100’, with corn on one side and maggots on the hooks of the other side while trolling at 1.4 mph. Over the next few hours we were able to scratch 7 Kokanee together while losing at least 10 more. This was due to a few things that are typical with Kokanee: they have soft mouths, they go crazy at the boat, and sometimes short strike only getting that trailing hook. We switched our presentation and depth every 15-30 minutes to see if we could attract some more hits. At one point we put a Green/Yellow/White hoochie on one of the rods and dropped it to 60’. Rick mentioned seeing a large mark on the screen and within 10 seconds we were hooked up on a freshwater Chinook and chaos ensued. Rick grabbed the rod and started reeling while Matt and I cleared the other rods. The king immediately hit the surface and started tail slapping the water in an effort to get off the hook. After a couple runs, the fish settled in and started to swim with the boat and Rick started to reel him in closer. At that point I was able to net the king prior to him making another run. Success! The king weighed in at 7.09 lbs and cut bright red.

What a rush!!

As the kokanee bit had slowed, we decided to hit the shoreline for another one of Lake Chelan’s newest treasures – cutthroat trout. Trolling close to shore we used some different color Wicked Lures and the fishing was lights out. These fish averaged 11-15” for us but fought like larger fish. They were super aggressive and a blast to catch. Legally you can only keep hatchery cutthroat, so we got the pleasure of several catch-and-release native trout. Late in the day, after losing a large lake trout due to a downrigger clip issue, we ended our day with 7 Kokanee, 11 cutthroat and 1 king. Not too bad for never having fished this lake, however we had decided early on that winning the derby was pretty much out of the question so we were just happy to end the day with a good number and variety of fish. After a hamburger and hotdog BBQ put on by Something Catchy, it was back to the hotel to rest up for the next day.

Sunday started early again with amazing weather but the final weigh-in was at noon so the fishing time was cut short as compared to Saturday. Our goal for the day was to target kokanee early, cutthroat late morning and try for a lake trout before the 12 pm cutoff. Our lines were in the water before sunrise as we ran two rods down around 90-110’ and a couple other rods around 40-60’ to see where the fish were. We were able to net four after losing several others. Around 8:30 AM, we made the decision to stop targeting kokanee and motor up to a higher section of the lake to get our limit of cutthroat. Just like the day before, the fish were feisty and eager to bite and the limits were filling up quickly. At one point I had a cutthroat on who got off about 20’ from the boat, but I slow-reeled in the lure and that same fish bit again and ended up in the net! We did have to stop for a bit to deal with a couple issues: downrigger cable issue, downrigger ball stuck on the rocks and a visit from the local fish and game officers. Once we finished our limits, we motored down to try for the elusive laker we were seeking. Unfortunately we were unable to pull out the trifecta that day, but ended up with four kokanee and 15 cutthroat.

After a catered BBQ lunch put on again by Something Catchy, we participated in some raffles and watched the winners get their prizes. We even ended up with some grab bags filled with fishing goodies. The best part of the day was watching the organizers pull up all the kids and give them tackle boxes filled with fishing supplies. It was a great time fishing with good friends, a great organization and in a beautiful setting. While no prizes were won by our team, we learned a ton and ended our weekend with a two day total of 38 fish.

Mike Hale

Salmon Superhighway Video

Posted: April 30, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

By Dave ‘Sal Monid’ Heller

Here is a really nice video that tells it all on the Salmon Super Highway project. This project targets restoring fish passage to 95% of historic habitat in the Tillamook-Nestucca sub basin. This includes: Kilchis R, Miami R, Wilson R, Trask R, Tillamook R and the Nestucca R. Check it out.



Project will reconnect 95% of historic habitat for salmon and steelhead

New Movie Here: Hop Out and Hose Hogs

Posted: April 16, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Please enjoy this latest movie I put together today. The footage is from the weekend before my BDay trip! Special thanks to all involved!
Joe Caler, Jordan Turner, Sal Monid, Spencer Rhodes….

Recent catches and kills

Posted: April 13, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

I used to do this kind of post quite a bit back in the day. Here it is again! It’s random recent catches and kills from friends of mine that have sent pictures to my phone. Thanks everyone for the support and contribution for AAA nation.







Clowning for steelhead: 42 BIRFDAY TRIP

Posted: April 3, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Uh oh. Here we go. This sh*t is hilarious. If you follow me and my Dad then you certainly also know Jason Strychnine Stricker. He offered to float me down our home river for my 42nd B Day and here is the hilarity that ensued. This trip was a blast. Fishing was very tough but we got into em. None of us had laughed so hard in months, either.

I hope you enjoy my latest movie. Please share it on your social media platforms and help me get Triple A cranking again!

Salmon Camp: Springers on sand beaches

Posted: March 31, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Sturdy Kirby Canon’s famous annual salmon camp stands tall again this spring fishing season of 2016.

Harmonically balanced somewhere between perfect and the opposite of bad sits a completely self sufficient yet temporary dwelling.

It’s designed exclusively for the housing of the plunking anglers who are attempting to intercept migrating hatchery spring chinook as they porpoise up the Columbia river banks. It’s a beautiful thing. It really is. Check it out.

Oh yeah. Did I mention Kitby is a ridiculous chef?


One of the happier anglers he guided this day.


Goodnight Moon.


The Wridges: Father and Son

Posted: March 29, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Let me first say I know what it means to have a father who cares.

When I started AAA IN 2007 I imagined a place where every angler who wanted to share something….could. All these years later with so much changed that one thing still remains the same.

Every catch is special and fun in its own way. In its own right. AAA is proud to introduce a man and his father; David and Mackenzie Wridge, to all of you AAAers out there.

Mackenzie is my son’s teacher every day of he week. He spends more time with Max than I do during the week.

While it is hard to leave Max every day it gives me great relief to know there is someone I trust who takes great care of him and is there for him. Mackenzie has a little man of his own as well.

So I would like to recognize him. It is Mackenzie who is special to this family. Mine. So I’m proud to share pics of his. Yours, Bro. Thanks for the cool share and for watching so many of my movies. Cool pics.

David Wridge
Mackenzie and David Wridge

Spring Diddly Ing for The Shakedog

Posted: March 27, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

S. Rhodes needs no intro. Not by now. Long time AAA Contributor putting some flame orange meat in his freezer early in the season.

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New Movie Here: Chrome steel

Posted: March 26, 2016 by Hellcat in Fish Reports

Enjoy the hell outbid this foul mouthed break down of a slow day of fishing. Fun. But slow. Thank goodness for these couple fish.


I know it’s been a minute since my last Triple A rant has taken place here on my website. Probably since I left Facebook over half a year ago. Then maybe another year before that. You see….after I stopped guiding for steelhead from my Driftboat I backed way off from the electronic angling world for a bit. Now that world is limited to my website and YouTube Channel.

Why did I quit guiding?

Mostly because I traded my passion for a job and it didn’t make me feel how I expected that it would. Not even close. I decided to become a guide because of several things….but mostly because of electronic pressure I projected on myself to take me to what I thought was “Next Level”. Which was what? Gettin the respect of anglers I don’t know and will never meet? Seeming tough to people that hate on my successes on the river and with the people I connect with in my life? I’m not sure. All of the above I think.

Facebook was an ego inflation of epic fucking proportions. For me. I can’t speak for you of course. I ultimately now give no fucks about what anyone thinks of me.

Anyway…now I’m fishing for fun with the people who matter in my life. While I met some people on Facebook I’m very grateful for….I’ll never be back. If you wanna hit me up…do it here.

#BackToBasics #KeepYourTipUp