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**THIS REPORT FROM THE COLUMBIA BASIN BULLETIN** **ATTENTION** * Kalama River Hatchery Loses 2.4 Million Salmon Fry In Flood; 15 Percent Of Wash. Fall Chinook Production Below Bonneville All 2.4 million fall chinook salmon fry at the Fallert Creek Hatchery on the lower Kalama River were lost when floodwaters inundated the facility last week, said […]

All Around Angler is a Trademarked name registered with the Federal Government. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. Dang. I’ve always wanted to say that! Now for the serious stuff… Two brothers and family friends of mine for my entire life graced me with their presence on a guided, coached […]

Hello, Please visit my newest article for the look at John Strenk’s company, The Reel Tech. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ARTICLE ON EXAMINER.COM’S PORTLAND FISHING EXAMINER, CHRISTOPHER HELLER

CLEARDRIFT FLOATS BLOWOUT SALE! Do you fish jigs and beads under a float for steelhead? Are you interested in procuring some of the best floats on the water for a blowout price of $2.30 per float? Yes, different sizes available. I thought so. Cleardrift Floats have been featured in more than 100 All Around Angler […]

The Reel Tech is Mr. John Strenk out of Medford, OR. Hi provides outstanding and comprehensive reel repair quicker and with more care than most. Shipping is simple: A flat rate box of reels that weighs a whole bunch can be sent via USPS Priority Flat for next to nothing and turned around just as […]

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In the spirit of what All Around Angler has ALWAYS represented which is sharing…..I’m looking at capturing new momentum for 2014 and I am going to be introducing many new contributors to this website and it’s on going productions. I will construct a page here on the site for the group to be seen as […]

Come here me speak and interact with you TONIGHT! Where: Pied Piper Pizza 12300 NE 4th Plain Rd, Vancouver, WA 98682 When: TODAY 6:30PM Organized By: NWSteelheaders Donny Hyde About: Winter steelheading as it applies to both boat and bank anglers. Many topics discussed. Secrets coughed up. All that stuff. Calm down…not secret spots. You […]

Please help support the purchase of more and different All Around Angler gear, such as hoodies and lids, with a purchase of my STLHD T’s today! But here on the website or on FB. As always, thank you for your support. Grass roots and indy efforts represent.

A little over a year ago I became friends with Rod Cragg and partnered with his amazing company The REEL Lifestyle. Through this relationship I have been exposed to a great opportunity for All Around Angler: AAA Pro Staffer Mike Curtis. Mike will be covering all aspects of fly angling in rivers and streams. We […]