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A huge and special thanks to Washington angler and baseball player extraordinaire Mr. Eric Koenig for his kick ass four piece jig installments all available right here on AAA!! Enjoy the final step. Making your own Jigs part 4 Tying the single bead rabbit fur jig Things you will need – Pre drilled 6mm bead […]

Mista Koenig drops another Triple A contribution #AAAProStaff Making Jigs Part 3: Materials Now that you have your painted jig heads – whether you painted them yourself or went the easy route and bought them, it’s time to talk about the types of materials. I stick to about three materials when tying jigs but I […]

A bobber fishing tutorial from Christopher Heller and All Around Angler, LLC and and Portland’s Fishing Examiner…. No matter the time of year if you’re a drift boat angler on the hunt for steelhead with finesse tactics then sometimes the easiest method is also the most productive. As a professional small river guide I’m […]

Making Jigs Part 2: Paint There are two different methods to painting jigs that I like to use – those two types are powder or vinyl. Most of these paints can be bought at your local tackle shop or ordered online. For powder paint I like to use Pro-Tec powder paint for the ease of […]

WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JIG It started out as very slow day on the river. My fishing partner and I witnessed two steelhead caught but nothing spectacular as the bite seem to have completely dropped off. Rummaging through my pack I decided with the water clearing to bobber and jig fish. As I was […]

Please enjoy this latest tips and tricks from All Around Angler, LLC. as I show you how to get great yarnies in awesome, fishy colors for about a penny a piece. A day with AAA on the water is full of such anecdotal angling antidotes. 🙂

This next is demonstrated by Matthew Morris of TeamSalmon and AAA. This knot is recommended for mono to braid when the opposing lines vary greatly in diameter. Otherwise you’re safe with your Double Uni.

First introduced to me right here on my website by AAA guest author, professional guide/outfitter and contributor Vinnie Froehlich…Pro-Loks were initially reviewed and presented by him. This article is simply my own evaluation on the product as it pertains only to me. “PRO-LOKS are the most advanced rowing system ever designed. They are the smoothest, […]

Got your notebook ready? Take notes. Do not deviate from the measurements. Ready? Go. And remember…Nates Bait is a proud sponsor of this fine company. Ya heard. * * * TeamSalmon has movies and content on line since 2007. That’s called a foundation. A body of work. It’s a must have if you’re trying to […]