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Here is what will be our last installment of tributary driftboat salmon and steelhead. My boat will go in for repair and upgrading this month. Please enjoy Matthew Morris doing what he does best….w/ some help 🙂

Here’s a video I put together (minus Kevin and Terry’s steelhead…I was upriver) from Sunday’s trip with Kevin Gray, his father Terry, MCP Morris, Nick Nichols, John Webb and Jared Sanchez. THIS is and WE are TeamSalmon2013. NEW MOVIE HERE

Would you like to follow my Dad out to the river with notable professional guide Tom Burgess? Let’s see what they got into last week. These are herring-caught salmon. Enjoy and please share the post on your FB page. H3llcat

Kevin Gray is ‘Fishbonker’ on Youtube and ‘Chromehammer’ here on AAA. As you can see from this video of his….both titles are appropriate. Outstanding! Words from the angler: “Thanks guys! He was 43 inches long and had a 24 inch girth. I am nit yet sure where that puts him in poundage but I’d have […]

… the left….Shawn and Dennis Richey  with Spring Salmon on Oregon Coast Here is long time TeamSalmon angler, sponsor and one of my best friends in the world…Shawn Richey aka Nookslayer. I’ve known Shawn over thirty years and still get really excited every time he catches a fish. Here he is with his uncle […]

Special thanks to Brian Bair and Handsome Greg of TeamStevenson for taking Drew Taylor and out for a kick ass and hilariously fun filled day of spring salmon trolling and bobber fishing. Check out the flick, won’t you? MOVIE HERE * * * * Remember to see all 325 movies from AAA simply click on […]

…to the left…Sal Monid helps land a wild fish for a clean release from the net… ….Sal Monid is Dave Heller….my pops. He is both a content contributor and a commercial sponsor as he runs a watershed management company specializing in restoration protection of fish habitat and water quality called DA Heller Consulting. He has […]

(to the left…my friends over at North West Killers Fishing kick a** logo….you can link to their website here on AAA under the LINKS section) This is one of the most original movies anyone has ever shared with us here at Totally Killer. Pun intended. Catching PacNW spring chinook casting into the surf. Wow. […]

John Webb is a no joke AllAroundAngler. He’s river smart. He slays whatever he fishes for. Small rivers. Big Rivers. Steel or Nooks. He slays. He’s also one of the most humble dudes you’ll ever meet. On Saturday he schooled me on when to move and when to stay put by simply moving when it […]

I’ve said this before and perhaps this website takes more of a focus on this direction….but our Youth is everything. If it wasn’t for angling in my youth I don’t know where I’d be. Perhaps somewhere bad. If you read this website often then you know who E&C Custom Jigs is. Two youngsters that are […]