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As shown on YouTube….my newest movie from this early winter steelhead season.

A bobber fishing tutorial from Christopher Heller and All Around Angler, LLC and and Portland’s Fishing Examiner…. No matter the time of year if you’re a drift boat angler on the hunt for steelhead with finesse tactics then sometimes the easiest method is also the most productive. As a professional small river guide I’m […]

I hope I can effectively communicate some alternate methods to you today surrounding float/bobber fishing efforts and that maybe one of more of them are new to you thus helping you improve your float/bobber game. I’ll break it down as clearly as I can and hopefully appeal to anglers of all skill levels. Option No. […]

This movie also features my newest sponsor, Cleardrift Floats. Special thanks to Drew Taylor for running these bad boys. Major props to The Chromehammer, Kevin Gray, as always. This guy knows how to catch salmon and steelhead….that’s for darn certain. TeamSalmon 2012 is rockin’. Movie located below Picture Gallery…. MOVIE HERE:

It’s Christmas Eve, Eve. Which means it would be pretty lame if I didn’t have a new post up to satisfy your nickel fever. How about this: I have four anglers to feature fish from in the last two days. Not including myself. That’s right. Four. Not too bad out there right now (despite the […]

Here are some pics to wet your freaking palate from my Steelhead fishing trip today with Matt Love aka The Fishin’ Magician. It was severely epic. Brutal interceptions on our part. We nailed 6 steelhead in just under 3 hours. Many sea lice-laden. One large native Steelhead that would not give up. 5 absolutely chrome […]

You’ve seen him contribute with articles, pictures, video clips and thoughtful comments. You’ll hopefully see some footage from him and I Salmon & Steelhead fishing this weekend as well. He is the husband of an old friend of mine from the NEP. He is simply known as: El Padron. Hey, find an on-line translator if […]