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Jacob ‘Hollywood’ Mikoleit, that is. He is truly the next thing to watch in our crew from a pure production standpoint. He has a really nasty bobber and jig game for salmon you just don’t find very often. Here is a raw video of Jake ‘Hollywood’ Mikoleit’s trip inland with the fellas…I got to spend […]

This tutorial was shot today riverside on a beautiful impromptu trip taking slightly more than half a day. Tomorrow will be a little longer effort. Cheers.

Here is the movie from our trip out yesterday for small river steelhead in the month of March. I turn 38 years old this month. I’ve been fishing for all thirty eight of those years. Just like my dad did and just like my son will. Thanks for your support and for watching movies.

In the words of GFK…..Here he is going ‘Beast Mode’. This is no doubt a gorgeous T.O.A.D. Little did the Magician and I know the other day as we Bee Lined for my spot that GFK and CDC were right behind us hitting the water we decided to skip. Another Dan Cox jig does the […]

This footage was shot yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, 2012. Enjoy the screaming reels on this one. There’s lots of it. Thanks for watching and remember it’s easy to make a comment here on the site for any post you’d like! Keep ’em wet, Christopher H3llcat Heller

Hi and thanks for reading and viewing content here at All Around I appreciate your support. This post features a movie made from Saturday’s float trip for Luis Rivas’ aka El Padron’s birthday where a tough day gets a little tougher when my reel breaks while I’m fighting a steelhead. I do my best […]

These two guys have put some smack down this winter season. Steve Lynch aka The Traveler has earned his AAA-given name due to the extraordinary amount of driving he does to find his metal. The Crusher….well he just crushes it. I’ve seen him really mature as an angler over the last 6 months and I’m […]

I am preparing a write up from the day today as well as some photos to share with you. But I know everyone wants to see the movie first….and I really do enjoy delivering. This movie features two angles during the fight with the big fish. Big thanks to Kirby Cannon of for the […]

I get pretty excited when commentors come into the site and lay down a list of questions for me to tackle. It gives me a chance to talk directly with a reader about my passion of river angling while providing the rest of you with a peak into one angler’s questions surrounding many topics. Mostly […]

This movie features the following All Around Anglers: Shawn Nookslayer Richey, Sal Freaking Monid, The Hustler, Capt. Jack & his buddy Mike…and of course yours truly. Movie: NEW STEELHEAD VLOG HERE Got some media you’d like in the Brag Board or in a VLOG? Send it on over to me at! It’s easy. Files […]