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Phat winter chinook. Great late season Hos. Making fun of my Dad’s spinners. It’s all in here. I had to edit the crap out of these clips. I’ve really loosened up out there. Haha. Enjoy the latest from TRIPLE A TV! h3llcat

I’m really excited to get more participation up here on the website. Since I shut down the Facebook it’s been out of sight out of mind for many of you. Please remember to mix AAA back into your life. I promise to up the ante. Enjoy a couple pictures from two very good fishermen and […]

I think we can all agree that last year at this time most of the same water we’re fishing right now to little avail was teeming with coho salmon one year ago. So what’s changed in a year’s time? To answer simply: Lots of things. *Water temps in both the ocean and the rivers *Ocean […]

Flaggers. Fly fishing snaggers. We’ve all done some angling dirt in our day…but some places this has become far too close to too many people’s norms. Flossing coho. Some sad sh*t. Check this video out.

PORN IN THE FORM OF FISH PIX. DONE. FOLLOW KIRBY CANNON AT @pdxsalmonjunkie both on Twitter and Facebook. Book him today for a variety of angling types and adventures.

Please enjoy this little video from my good friend Mike Myhre, avid outdoor enthusiast and All Around Angler Pro Staffer. #MichaelMyhre

Watch for a series of instructional and educational movies from A3Tv all fall long. Here’s a killer little installment featuring TeamCaler…Joe’s been my mentor this season.

‘Buoy 10’ that is. Here is TeamSalmon core contributor and All Around Angler Jason Strychnine Stricker showing us why he’s absolutely poisonous to chrome. WATCH FOR MORE PICS COMING SOON FROM JASON!

Um, yeah. Let’s just say I’ve got the fishiest crew I’ve ever had the pleasure to run with right now. At this exact point in time. These anglers are the best I’ve seen. Here’s Kevin Gray doing his thing again for us. To see dozens of movies, posts and pictures from Kevin simply search him […]

Please welcome back Mr. Sockeye aka Mike McNeilly with his much anticipated Nor Cal update with TOAD pics included. Enjoy! Thanks for the contribution, Mike! *scroll below pics for article I truly believe that the best king salmon bite on this blue marble wasn’t in Alaskan or British Columbian waters this July. Oh, you’d need […]