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WHERE DID YOU GET THAT JIG It started out as very slow day on the river. My fishing partner and I witnessed two steelhead caught but nothing spectacular as the bite seem to have completely dropped off. Rummaging through my pack I decided with the water clearing to bobber and jig fish. As I was […]

Thanks to everyone that participated in this one. We had almost fifty anglers which is close to a record for such a narrow time period enlisted. WTFG. * * *

Another popular segment of ‘Recent Catches and Kills’ From All Around Where good contents counts. Follow us for a week and catch the drift…. Of course we always start with the ladies…..respectfully. EMILY LAING reppin’ the Nemesis and crew… AAA SPONSOR JAMES BEASLEY reppin’ Wicked Lures… JIM MALO BRYAN STANEK EDGAR SIMMS…”Phish On” KEVIN […]

I usually write a little intro about the post right here. I don’t even know what to say about this one…other than I’m sinfully jealous. Joseph Princen and Lael Paul Johnson doing so much damage it’s not even remotely funny. Here’s a few pics as well as Part 1 of JP’s movie series….. JP and […]

I am humbled to have these anglers contributing to AAA. What more can I say: These PLAYERS are SLAYERS. HawgSauce aka LPJ is Lael Paul Johnson….and this newest movie of his has a lot of personality. Oh yeah…and there’s really, really good fishing too. Next up…Kris The Phantom Jellesed’s latest installment shared with us here […]