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I’m really excited to get more participation up here on the website. Since I shut down the Facebook it’s been out of sight out of mind for many of you. Please remember to mix AAA back into your life. I promise to up the ante. Enjoy a couple pictures from two very good fishermen and […]

Here’s a look at what I’ve been up to the past few weekends. You’ll see some familiar and friendly faces, as usual! I’ve been having so much fun and just loving life. Anyway…hope you enjoy my latest piece of work for this fine web resource we all know and love called Triple A.

I think we can all agree that last year at this time most of the same water we’re fishing right now to little avail was teeming with coho salmon one year ago. So what’s changed in a year’s time? To answer simply: Lots of things. *Water temps in both the ocean and the rivers *Ocean […]

Big fish late in the fall mean two things: Dusty and pregnant. This one was both. And really pregnant. For the angler battling this 31# submarine, Brian Casey, it was indeed a day of firsts. New water. Fish in new water. Multiple hook ups. Thanks for coming along with All Around Angler, LLC. Larry Wood!

On what was definitely one of the most memorable weekends of fishing this season I’m definitely inspired to do a write up about all the madness. For now how about some pics from the last week?

Say no more. Special thanks to Jason for sharing this sweet trip with us. You sure made your camp welcome to many, Strick, and that’s just the type of guy you are. An All Around Angler who digs helping and teaching. You did THAT! ALL MUSIC BY PORTLAND’S OWN KID PISTOL & NORAA ISH FEAT […]

‘Buoy 10’ that is. Here is TeamSalmon core contributor and All Around Angler Jason Strychnine Stricker showing us why he’s absolutely poisonous to chrome. WATCH FOR MORE PICS COMING SOON FROM JASON!

Please welcome back Mr. Sockeye aka Mike McNeilly with his much anticipated Nor Cal update with TOAD pics included. Enjoy! Thanks for the contribution, Mike! *scroll below pics for article I truly believe that the best king salmon bite on this blue marble wasn’t in Alaskan or British Columbian waters this July. Oh, you’d need […]

Jacob ‘Hollywood’ Mikoleit, that is. He is truly the next thing to watch in our crew from a pure production standpoint. He has a really nasty bobber and jig game for salmon you just don’t find very often. Here is a raw video of Jake ‘Hollywood’ Mikoleit’s trip inland with the fellas…I got to spend […]

This is my 426th movie both here on AAA & Youtube. I am an official Youtube Partner and I will be reaching 1,000,000 upload views on Youtube before the end of 2013.