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Here’s a few pics highlighting the last few trips out for the Team. Dave Heller w/ JP’s Guide Service owner Joseph Princen Quick Tips….. ALL OF THESE FISH ABOVE WERE TAKEN ON BOBBER DOGGED FLOAT RIGS w/ pencil lead attached to terminal swivel and fished just like a drift rig as described in my article […]

As promised part two of the popular AAA Recent Catches & Kills. There is a special five minutes of raw footage to start the show. Credit by name to these participating and bad a** All Around Anglers at end of the show. TS2013.

Special thanks to Jason Stricker, Christopher Seymour Chrome and Kody Balderston for shootin’ me a few pics to post. Jason Stricker Christopher Seymour Chrome And below are pics from Kody Balderston…

Thanks to everyone that participated in this one. We had almost fifty anglers which is close to a record for such a narrow time period enlisted. WTFG. * * *

Another exciting edition of Recent catches and kills from AAA. This segment features only pics not previously used in an AAA post. Thanks to all the contributing anglers in this edition helping me keep the best on line angling resource in the industry. Chris Blanchard of North West Killers Fishing ——————————————————————————————————————————————————- John Webb of […]

Another popular segment of ‘Recent Catches and Kills’ From All Around Where good contents counts. Follow us for a week and catch the drift…. Of course we always start with the ladies…..respectfully. EMILY LAING reppin’ the Nemesis and crew… AAA SPONSOR JAMES BEASLEY reppin’ Wicked Lures… JIM MALO BRYAN STANEK EDGAR SIMMS…”Phish On” KEVIN […]