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He needs no intro. Just type the name ‘Kevin Gray’ or ‘Chromehammer’ into my search bar here on the website and you’ll see why I say that. Here are three new movies Kevin’s gracious enough to share with us in the TripA world. Buoy 10 fishing youtube 1) Ocean Coho 2) Buoy 10 Coho bite […]

Um, yeah. Let’s just say I’ve got the fishiest crew I’ve ever had the pleasure to run with right now. At this exact point in time. These anglers are the best I’ve seen. Here’s Kevin Gray doing his thing again for us. To see dozens of movies, posts and pictures from Kevin simply search him […]

Watch closely as I slo-mo Kev’s suck under and subsequent pig-sticking. He is white hot right now. TS2013

Kevin Gray is a key member of AAA’s TeamSalmon and his contributions always come without strings. One helluva man and angler. A true All Around Angler in every way. Spcl thx to Richard Ryan.

And now without further adieu….The Chromehammer Kevin Gray. This is the fish from the story you’ve read about next post over. Enjoy. Kevin Gray is a frequent AAA contributor. To find more content from Kevin simply search by either of his names, Kevin Gray or Chromehammer, right her on AAA. * * *

I was speaking to Matthew Morris aka MCP on the horn the other night and he shared with me he and The Chromehammer, Kevin Gray, were going to do an end of the week steelhead assault. Not to mention the chrome bright fish that shook MCP free…this is the result of that collaboration. ‘Yikes’. ‘Yikes’ […]

Produced by Kevin Gray aka Chromehammer. Features contributing anglers Big Bad Ricky and Hollywood Mikoleit. Ready, steady, Go. Movie # 1 Movie # 2

Check out Kevin Gray’s newest productions featuring an old sponsor of AAA, Western Fishing Operations. Good stuff.

Kevin Gray is ‘Fishbonker’ on Youtube and ‘Chromehammer’ here on AAA. As you can see from this video of his….both titles are appropriate. Outstanding! Words from the angler: “Thanks guys! He was 43 inches long and had a 24 inch girth. I am nit yet sure where that puts him in poundage but I’d have […]