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The pics in this slide show (YouTube link below) are from a trip North to visit my sister and enjoy the countryside. Like around here, it had been warm and dry and the streams were low and clear. Gear fishing was not working so we switched to fly rod and pretty sparse flies. Using flies […]

Sal’s 1st movie production/SOLO!

Posted: October 14, 2014 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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I’m super proud of my pops for making his own and very first movie production. He cut his teeth with a slideshow from his recent trip to Alaska to stay with his sister, my auntie, for some coho river and halibut salt angling. Again, he did this all from his own crib, computer, software etc. […]

The IT factor. Either you have IT or you don’t. All Around Anglers have IT. Here’s a sampling from some of my March action.

A look back at the season from TeamSalmon. This is 341 pictures in six minutes flat. Enjoy the Tribe Called Quest soundtrack. Facebook poll tested.

An intro for a photo show? How about a list of the names of all the slayers in here? Nah. Let’s just roll with it. The kid is alseep. Best to move on it. 🙂 PICTURE SHOW HERE: TeamSalmon2013

Thanks to everyone that participated in this one. We had almost fifty anglers which is close to a record for such a narrow time period enlisted. WTFG. * * *

H3llcat’s old school picture show….

Posted: August 20, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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Most recent Brag Board right here. The Brag Board is brought to you by river anglers. For river anglers. * * * *

To see more BRAG BOARDS simply search ‘Brag Boards’ in the home page search engine.

Please enjoy this compilation of photos and video clips from a very memorable 2011 year of angling. Certainly my best on record and the same goes for many of the All Around Anglers I fished with this past year. I’ll be posting a follow up to this YIR which will feature viewer submitted pictures over […]