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You might know him from this website by his AAA given name: Ghost Face Killer. Or you might know him by his legal name: Mark Murray. Whether you call him Ghost or Murr….he is one of the fishiest and closest friends I have. I met Mark and his partner in crime, Chris Del Carlo on […]

Today was a day of steelhead fishing not soon to forget. Not only did we beat them down….but I had to chase a fish through close to what we imagine are 300 yards of whitewater…and I did so without waders…waste deep in some spots. I took two falls and should’ve lost the fish for sure. […]

GFK Every time I go out on the water is a precious time for me. It’s time spent I don’t take for granted. It’s where I draw my energy and it truly is who I am. My soul-filler for sure. Sometimes I’m out there with someone I’ve just met, often through this website. Other times […]