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Watch for these featured items coming soon from All Around! ***NOVEMBER 2011 BRAG BOARD! This has become a fan favorite and I have more content for the November Brag Board than I know what to do with. It’s been a helluva fall so far. ***NEWEST MOVIE WILL FEATURE STEELHEAD FISHING FROM THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND! […]

Damn I love this time of year. You can literally fish for 3 species of chrome fish. Hot damn. It’s been pointed out that people would like to learn how to tie yarnies that have in-tact egg loops above the yarn ball itself. These are most often ran on drift with a very small cluster […]

By Jeff Donaca Do you have what it takes to hang with OG’s of Team Salmon? That’s a question I had answered today. I have played semi pro football, ran ten miles a day in high school, played numerous double headers, and competed in 5 hour tennis marathon sessions. None of this prepared me for […]

I am grateful to everyone who reads, watches and participates on this website. Without all of you typing my URL into your browsers I’d be lost. We’ve been at this six years now and I’m thankful for every single day. Special thanks Mila Mon Ami Kurbalija for all she is doing with All Around […]

Most of you All Around Anglers out there carry a little bit of everything in your gear bag on any given trip. Certainly everyone has their own favorite ‘go to’ methods they’ll usually start with based on water conditions….but most anglers will always have contingency plans. Unless you’re Sal Monid then your contingency plan is […]

More love from this past weekend. This fish would take the cake. TS/SturdyKirby/2011 * * *

I think most of you river junkies out there are aware we are going to finally see a big storm this week. Here’s a little update from my studious perspective on what we can expect this week for river conditions: Local Big River Tributaries: Most rivers will fish all week long while only a few […]

Our crew of a few anglers, in two days, put 30 out of some 50 hooked to the bank. Nary a fish without sea lice. Need-less-to-say my head’s in the chromes now. TS/2011 * * * *

This fish and more are featured in the newest AllAroundAngler Television program starting today at 6:30pm in Portland Oregon. Watch my crew Jet Sled a famous river for lots of steelhead and even a chinook today on Comcast Television. ALLAROUNDANGLER TELEVISOIN TODAY IN PORTLAND, OREGON Monday 11/21/2011, 6:30 PM, Channel 22 The next episode will […]

A much better version to watch on your PC or Mac. The version below, posted first, is intended for handheld users. There will be a part 2 and 3 to this weekend of fishing…including footage from Kirby Cannon’s head camera and oodles of footage from MME’s camera which captured the subsequent Sunday Smack Down. Come […]