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As shown on YouTube….my newest movie from this early winter steelhead season.

Please contact me today to deposit on a trip for February before the end of January and save 170.00. With very slow fishing comes the need to try everything. If you’re in a small river: MOVE. If you’re in a big river with fish on the move: SIT. Change. Switch up lead. Leader length. Bait. […]

Some core AAA anglers and myself made a weekend trip to meet up with most of the guys from the North West Killers Fishing crew. Don’t know who the Killers are? What are these words you speak?! Here are some pics to hold you over while I start to work over this 4.8GB pile of […]

This first video features Dan Cox, owner of Cascade Jigs, as he hops in the AAA Diamond Back with Nick Nichols and I. John Webb donned his new boat with Santa in tow…and Shawn Richey aka Nookslayer and his brother Meskel bust out the pontoon. 2 more episodes yet to come. Do you guys like […]

There is already a live blooper clip from this trip on the Youtube page…I’m working on the full feature as we speak. 5 fish hooked in total. 2 filmed. * * * *

Thanks for your support and be safe on the water when you’re boating and banking both. Make good decisions that ensure a trip after this one too. Now let’s fish! I would like to thank all the anglers I’ve been fishing with lately and truly cherish all the new chrome chasing opportunities I’m having with […]

And now without further adieu….The Chromehammer Kevin Gray. This is the fish from the story you’ve read about next post over. Enjoy. Kevin Gray is a frequent AAA contributor. To find more content from Kevin simply search by either of his names, Kevin Gray or Chromehammer, right her on AAA. * * *