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I’m very proud to show my good friend Spencer Rhodes hosting his father’s visit for some salmon fishing. Only after they lost their first salmon at the boat they were flabbergasted at the sight of the second fish.

There’s a tackle shop on the way to the coast in Hillsboro I’d like to give an AAA shout out to: Hoggs Jo/Mar Hardcore Tackle. It’s owned by Mike Potts and Mike is giving a lot of love to some of the sponsors here on AAA….so I thought I’d introduce him to all my readers. […]

To participate in this newest contest simply click on the FB tab right here on the AAA website and then Friend Request me, Christopher Heller. Once accepted you’ll be able to play! I do these all the time and it’s a very simple process. The contest are different and varietal and you never know what […]

As part of the deal when you’re an AAA sponsor…you get promoted. Facebook, Youtube and Combined that is over 25K people a month seeing your name. In this promotional piece I explain Cleardrift Floats a little closer and give shout outs to John Webb at In Your Face Graphics as well as show off […]

Logo not yet hotlinked in sponsor window Logo hotlinked to Cleardrift Floats website in sponsor window… Logo not yet hotlinked in sponsor window Over the last twelve months this project of mine I began in 2006 on a hope and a prayer has grown some real…well, fins, shall we say. I tuned out the negative, […]

More than anything else discussed with unadulterated opinion in the fishing equipment world among anglers is the topic of fishing rods. And not necessarily rod specifications…although that’s part of the conversation no doubt: Anglers are much more willing to accept different opinions on specs than they are on brand of rod or principles behind the […]

Only available through pre order these Anglers who scored the limited edition Native Series hoodies from are stoked. Special thanks to John Webb, owner of In Your Face Graphics and Tinting for spearheading this project. The quality is high and the graphics are…well…sick. * * * All Around is a edutainment product from […]

By Christopher Heller There are very few angling websites that have endured the life All Around has. I’ve tried to keep things fresh and new by spending countless hours, days, weeks, months and years both on the water and behind this computer screen to bring you a piece of this passion. I try to […]

I’ll preface this article by saying the somewhat obvious fact that these summer months upon us are my least favorite time of the year. They seem to drag on and on even though they’re only here for a very short time. I would go so far as to say most small river anglers would concur […]