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A huge and special thanks to Washington angler and baseball player extraordinaire Mr. Eric Koenig for his kick ass four piece jig installments all available right here on AAA!! Enjoy the final step. Making your own Jigs part 4 Tying the single bead rabbit fur jig Things you will need – Pre drilled 6mm bead […]

I have arranged a community of sponsors and anglers here on AAA I am very proud to be a part of. I will be featuring each sponsor/partner in their own separate live AAA post. This is the first installment. would like to congratulate independent tackle manufacturing company owner Gordon Harryman of Bobber Down Jigs […]

We’ve got lots of winter steelhead stuff happening early enough in the season to give us a hopeful outlook on the meat of the season. Not only did the big rain bring in an early shot of fish but there seems to be a steady trickle maintaining it’s progress, overall. We’re starved for rain once […]