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Although John Strenk of The Reel Tech is highly recommended for his expertise at repairing ALL kinds of reels…many of you may not know that he also does more than just fixing and rebuilding reels. He custom builds some of the most beautiful, river-spec’d casting and spinning rods I’ve ever seen. I must also mention […]

Through a fellow All Around Angler and contributor of this site, Steve ‘The Hustler’ Gustafson I was made aware of some fantastic locally made custom plastics….Western Fishing Operations, owned and operated by Rusty Bell. I used my first WFO plastic earlier this season to the tune of two fish right off the bat. When nothing […]

Please welcome John Strenk and his company, The Reel Tech, to All Around Got a bad reel? Box it up and send it to John. Experience and passion goes a long way in this game. And chances are your older reels are built better than many newer ones. Might as well ship ’em out […]

I finally have this bad ass tool to provide to you readers and viewers out there who would like to know how much the fish you catch weigh. Even if you release all of your fish or ever some of them…you can now know how much they weight. Simply record the length and girth of […]

I am writing Salmon & Steelhead Fishing Articles for Online Magazine again. You can find me and my Salmon & Steelhead Articles under the section titled “Portland Fishing Examiner”. Keep ’em wet, Christopher H3llcat Heller