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UPDATE: Orders with money in or on the way will be ordered tomorrow. Snooze you lose. Hey everybody good news! I am going to be ordering a round three of my hoodies. This is a special design created by Don Melendez and is being reproduced with his permission. Hey Don how you doing brother!? You’ll […]

A look back at the season from TeamSalmon. This is 341 pictures in six minutes flat. Enjoy the Tribe Called Quest soundtrack. Facebook poll tested.

Here’s a few pics highlighting the last few trips out for the Team. Dave Heller w/ JP’s Guide Service owner Joseph Princen Quick Tips….. ALL OF THESE FISH ABOVE WERE TAKEN ON BOBBER DOGGED FLOAT RIGS w/ pencil lead attached to terminal swivel and fished just like a drift rig as described in my article […]

I decided to name this new, never before used Cascade Jig that hooked my first fish ‘The Dancing Nancy.’ With one more day of fishing to go this weekend here’s Saturday Fishing Pictures we could grab from our day today featuring Dan Cox, Air Jordan and me, H3llcat…… This aggressive and acrobatic buck you’ll see […]

It’s time for the February Brag Board! Do you have pics from Feb catches to send in? Do it now.

The NEWEST content contributor to is Chris Brander! I’m sure with success like this we can even count on Chris to get into our upcoming salmon tournament and give people a run for their money. Nice work on the steelies, Buddy! Thanks for sharing…..and THANKS for sporting the headgear! I’ve got some flex […]

From a bit north of us….I’m proud to introduce, Jensen Code….and all that is chrome!

Between fishing on my days off of taking care of TeamSmolt I barely seem to ever be able to catch up on AAA projects. I know I put more new content up than anyone (I’m averaging 50 posts a month) but I still have so much more I want to do. Alas, I’m finally done […]

There will be a pretty cool movie coming up very soon which depicts one helluva day that Donaca and I had on the river yesterday. I’ll be doing a write up similar to the previous day’s as well. For now though…since it was such a long time coming this season…..I wanted to give PROPS and […]

Special thanks to Chris Goth of Kodiak, Alaska for the wonderful silhouette photo I’m using as my ‘feature image’…..c/o Auntie, of course… Everyone can thank the little guy for remaining calm enough today for me to finish this Bad Boy up. Although I can never recapture a whole year of content with any accuracy in […]