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Posted: November 26, 2011 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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By Jeff Donaca

Do you have what it takes to hang with OG’s of Team Salmon? That’s a question I had answered today.

I have played semi pro football, ran ten miles a day in high school, played numerous double headers, and competed in 5 hour tennis marathon sessions. None of this prepared me for today’s physical challenge. We hiked up and down mountains, through brushes, along flooded trails, and threw briars only Hellcat could see as passable. We drove miles upon miles to find water that at best looked “fishable” today. High water every were we looked. We finally found a path down a mountain that most people would view as a great ski run.

What do I have to show for this? A face full of water as a trip over a flooded trail leaving my shin dripping with bloods. Two sleeves cut from my soaking wet long sleeve shirt. Thank god I saved those sleeves. As we packed up to move to another hole and the sinking feeling something wasn’t right in my wading boots. I looked back behind me to see my whole sole laying on the ground. Quick tip don’t dry boots by wood stoves it compromises the glue in shoes. So using my sleeves from my shirt and countless rubber gloves I do my bast McGyver and fashion a useable shoe to fish ONE more hole before climbing back out of the canyon.

As I write this I am cramping in places I have forgotten had muscles, counting blisters on my shoeless foot, and checking to see if it’s time for more Advil. Was it worth it? Hell yes! While no fish were touched it was still a honor to watch anglers of this caliber do their passion. Watching numerous fly outfits being built to listening to two people discuss two completely different ways to cover the same seam.

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  1. Fishin Magician says:

    So how did you ever find a way to fish that hole from the bank? I’ve only been able to access it via DB.

    Fishin’ Magician

  2. Hellcat says:

    Us bank maggots find a way. Seriously though…I can walk you down there anytime. Been doing it for 3 seasons now. Got a little secret entrance that’s public.

  3. brent says:

    Nice work boys. Good to see that kind of dedication. I remember similar excapades. Hellcat is like a monkey he swings from hole to hole

    Brent aka Magicsoul

  4. daheller says:

    That is a classic story of your day on the river with the mountain goats carrying fishing rods. I did part of the circuit that you did and was shown “the way down the hill”. After much flailing and grasping of biuses and vines to avoid tumbling 60 feet down the hill, I was shown that there was really a road that could be taken to get down the hill. You added an additional layer of difficulty by losing a boot. Good for you to hang in there. Next time you should be rewarded with a a fish. Great story.


  5. Dumptruck says:

    This goes along with Donaca’s Stuck In The Mud Video.


  6. Hellcat says:

    Thanks for the comment Brent! I remember those trips well. I miss hiking rivers with you.

  7. Nookslayer says:

    You gotta earn your fish. It was a lot of fun boys and so was the same thing today on another river.


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