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Randy Blackburn gave half his life to law enforcement. I always find it very interesting when I meet people who were or who currently are in law enforcement. I get the same feeling for Service people. Something about people who lay down their lives for the safety of those around them just blows me away. […]

As promised….here is The Traveler’s photo spread with some words from the angler as well…..Props to him for beating them down….and to The Crusher for getting 4 fish in one day. Crusher will claim he’s ‘New to this’. My A**. WORDS FROM THE ANGLER… “Hey Chris, What a weekend of catching with Colin the Crusher, […]

When Friday night rolled around I was a wreck. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. This happens to me every single time I have a fishing trip planned the next day. In order to fall asleep I play games in my head about steelhead or salmon, whatever is in season. I used to […]

This footage was shot yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, 2012. Enjoy the screaming reels on this one. There’s lots of it. Thanks for watching and remember it’s easy to make a comment here on the site for any post you’d like! Keep ’em wet, Christopher H3llcat Heller

There will be a pretty cool movie coming up very soon which depicts one helluva day that Donaca and I had on the river yesterday. I’ll be doing a write up similar to the previous day’s as well. For now though…since it was such a long time coming this season…..I wanted to give PROPS and […]

Lately I’ve been keeping a calendar in the desk drawer of my computer station. Next to the calendar I have a sharpie pen. Every time I talk about planning a trip with someone I’m writing it into the calendar in order to make certain the trip actually goes down. Doesn’t get lost in the everyday […]

More pictures are coming into my mailbox than ever before. Here are a few from the past 7 days of fishing. Thanks again for everyone that trusts All Around to keep your spots a secret and sends in their pics. Friend my on Facebook today Christopher Heller with a little note about which pics […]

This movie features the following All Around Anglers: Shawn Nookslayer Richey, Sal Freaking Monid, The Hustler, Capt. Jack & his buddy Mike…and of course yours truly. Movie: NEW STEELHEAD VLOG HERE Got some media you’d like in the Brag Board or in a VLOG? Send it on over to me at! It’s easy. Files […]

This is the movie that goes along with the story I wrote and posted yesterday. Thanks for visiting All Around and please tell a friend about us today. Also, leaving comments is a breeze so give it a try! NEW MOVIE HERE!!! Footage captured by Luis Jose Rivas aka El Padron on Saturday, December […]

Damn I love this time of year. You can literally fish for 3 species of chrome fish. Hot damn. It’s been pointed out that people would like to learn how to tie yarnies that have in-tact egg loops above the yarn ball itself. These are most often ran on drift with a very small cluster […]