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All Around Angler is a Trademarked name registered with the Federal Government. Any unauthorized use is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. Dang. I’ve always wanted to say that! Now for the serious stuff… Two brothers and family friends of mine for my entire life graced me with their presence on a guided, coached […]

With more focus on content and less on social media we can get back to where we need to be. Let’s go.

There is already a live blooper clip from this trip on the Youtube page…I’m working on the full feature as we speak. 5 fish hooked in total. 2 filmed. * * * *

Big thanks to the following anglers and sponsors for this weekend: Spencer Rhodes, Jeff Donaca, Steve Lynch, Sveta Lynch, Kevin Roberts, Gordon Harryman, John Strenk. MOVIE FROM WEEKEND HERE TeamSalmon2013 * * *

Local and national forecasters both are predicting our current drought in Oregon and SW WA could be the worst ever since the Trailblazers won a national championship. Remember that year? I was 3. So I do not. I won’t forget this year anytime soon though. Let’s take a look at a weekend on hover….what a […]

I’m still shaking. I caught my largest steelhead ever today on a modified Cascade Jig by Dan Cox. It measured 38.5 inches by 21 inches of girth. According to the common fish calculator…this fish went 21.22 pounds. And yes. That’s a clipped fin. Much more to come from an absolutely special day I will never […]

I went out solo again on Christmas Eve day, yesterday, with a promise to Mila I would be home by nine AM. Dinner was planned at Grandpa Sal’s place and he asked for a fish to throw on the BBQ to go along with his famous Christmas Oyster Stew. I was home by 9:23am with […]

It’s Christmas Eve, Eve. Which means it would be pretty lame if I didn’t have a new post up to satisfy your nickel fever. How about this: I have four anglers to feature fish from in the last two days. Not including myself. That’s right. Four. Not too bad out there right now (despite the […]

I am grateful to everyone who reads, watches and participates on this website. Without all of you typing my URL into your browsers I’d be lost. We’ve been at this six years now and I’m thankful for every single day. Special thanks Mila Mon Ami Kurbalija for all she is doing with All Around […]