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And now All Around television presents: The Season is the Sickness. A feature film featuring Sturdy Kirby Cannon, Colin The Crusher, Steve The Traveler Lynch and yours truly…H3llcat. There will be at least one more movie from this weekend of salmon madness which yielded 27 keeper, chrome bright silvers to the back of our […]

Calm down you fellow Quackers. No reference to our beloved Oregon Duck athletic program here…maybe some other time. After a win, perhaps. No, rather this is a promotion for money-pinched anglers to pick up their next hiking pack in the DUCK HUNTING section of your favorite outdoor store. Why? Not only will you pay less […]

It looks like…based on all current predictions…that we are set to receive our first PacNW Fall Storm of the year this coming week. Predicted rainfall and rising freezing levels should bump every coastal river significantly…starting about a half a day earlier the farther north you go. WA coastal tribs will see the first spikes by […]

Lynch sports the new AAA sticker with style, class and grace! Steve Lynch goes to where the fish are. He’s spent the last coupla years figuring out his roll and he’s got it down. While the rest of us were chasing ghost chinook on one part of the coast….he was far north of us whacking […]

Definitely TV style format. Hope ya’ll like the effort. There’s a ton of stuff in here and it should be lots of fun. You should find yourself laughing out loud in a couple spots. Almost 25 minutes long so take a seat. Most pictures come in the last 6 minutes. Trememndous thanks to all that […]

A couple years ago I learned a lot more about fishing small rivers than I’d ever imagine from an Allaroundangler 14 years my junior. We became close friends and die hard fishing partners. We had an epic season of winter steelhead which resulted in nearly 100 fish landed between the two of us. We then […]

Sal’s pal Rick Swanson featured!!! As promised, I am continuing to break down the full feature Tarpon film that will be airing on cable television this summer into 5 disected pieces for you fishing junkies to digest. I know it’s not salmon and steelhead….but take ten minutes to watch these as I roll them out. […]

120# bobber-caught Tarpon breaking water from 50 yards…. This will be the first of many, many, saltwater installments. I am sorting through over 3.1GB of data from my father, Sal Monid, and his trip to Tampa Bay. I am also producing an hour-long movie as my first REAL movie production to go to DVD. Anyone […]

Thank you, Dad, for the amazing shot. It inspired the following thoughts and post…. During our local spring chinook season…metropolitan bridges are some of the more common landmarks that beg for the reference from one hungry angler to another…with high hopes that under that bridge may lay the freshest, hungriest and most suicidal beast of […]