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Most of you who have a habit of reading the All Around Angler website on a regular basis have heard of Eric “E-Dog” Koenig. Eric is an avid finesse river angler of all methods. He’s willing to travel to find fish and he’s pretty darn quiet about his exploits. I always feel lucky when Eric […]

Full circle…..

Posted: April 24, 2015 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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As I prepare for my float trip tomorrow with three of my oldest friends on this earth I’m reminded of something. Maybe you’d consider it profound or maybe you wouldn’t. But for me. It really is. How everything I love about this world of angling has come full circle. Fishing has come back to me. […]

Mike Hale is a special contributor out of Seattle, WA and I have asked him to share his knowledge about the pink salmon fishery as he knows it. Big Triple A props to Mike. Every odd numbered year the Northwest comes alive in August and September with Pink Salmon (also known as Humpy Salmon). This […]

A few thoughts on my mind this evening before I turn in and I wanted to share. As I sit back and look at what I’ve built over the last 7 years I’m definitely humbled by the level of participation and support this labor of love has created. Everyone reading this blog entry today is […]

**This original review was originally written previously and current rod specifications may have changed. By Chris Heller Prior to starting this product review I attempted to establish a base line of facts from which to draw upon throughout this article. It had been my goal to make reference to as much design and technical information […]

Anyone who studied journalism or communications…or anyone who has had some form of professional sales during their career is well aware of “The Five W’s”. For those of you unaware….they are the Who-What-When-Where-Why. A person can cover their bases fairly well when reporting or discovering information in the employ of such a designation. I also […]

Fish need good habitat. As described by T.E. Bigford in Fisheries magazine, August 2013, “Each fish occupies its preferred niche in the ecosystem. The environmental conditions of that space define the fish’s preference at each life stage….water temperature, depth, salinity, flow, bottom type, prey availability, annual cycles and much more.” To understand, protect and restore […]

By Christopher Heller The beginning of summer is June 21st and is called the SUMMER SOLSTICE. This is the prime time of year to shine up your transition game for steelhead fishing as opportunities while the spring chinook become plentiful, hopefully, and can be located within a short drive of most of our front doors. […]

Reflecting on a few thoughts tonight about these completely and totally addictive chrome ghosts we chase so fiercely these late spring and early summer months. I have a few thoughts about chasing these ghosts we call summer salmon & steelhead. Why ghosts? If you’ve never fished for chrome in gin-clear water when all the odds […]

You know him best as The Hammer. Or Chromehammer. But did you know he’s smarter than a dude with two brains? True statement. Here’s his latest EXCLUSIVE Triple A piece on summers. A GREAT perspective from this die hard AAAer. It’s June and summer steelhead are ascending many of the metro area rivers. These fish […]