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Flooded river video clips

Posted: December 12, 2015 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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We’ve had weather lately you only see two or three times every two decades. Seems like there’s no end in site either. December is essentially unfishable for most of us. Even if the rivers weren’t blown out….the road closures would still slow a bunch of us down. Take a look at these video clips of […]

This footage was shot yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, 2012. Enjoy the screaming reels on this one. There’s lots of it. Thanks for watching and remember it’s easy to make a comment here on the site for any post you’d like! Keep ’em wet, Christopher H3llcat Heller

Damn I love this time of year. You can literally fish for 3 species of chrome fish. Hot damn. It’s been pointed out that people would like to learn how to tie yarnies that have in-tact egg loops above the yarn ball itself. These are most often ran on drift with a very small cluster […]