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First I would like to congratulate Kirby on his new business. His spring chinook plunking services put over thirty fish in the kill sack over a very short period of time. This is a photo spread featuring the three days and nights Jason Stricker spent in CAMP PDXSALMONJUNKIE. ” class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-12965″ />

Long time followers of Triple A need no introduction to The Sal Monid. That’s right. We’ve added a ‘The’ to the man, the myth and the legend. Here he is like every year running around with Tom Burgess. Pops went flasherless to get some chances.

Ah yeah! Big ups to Pro Guide Tom Burgess for helping pops into two hooks ups today. Proper performance for Mr. Dave Heller.

Um, yeah. Let’s just say I’ve got the fishiest crew I’ve ever had the pleasure to run with right now. At this exact point in time. These anglers are the best I’ve seen. Here’s Kevin Gray doing his thing again for us. To see dozens of movies, posts and pictures from Kevin simply search him […]

Here is what will be our last installment of tributary driftboat salmon and steelhead. My boat will go in for repair and upgrading this month. Please enjoy Matthew Morris doing what he does best….w/ some help 🙂

Picture to the left is life-long friend Tony ‘Big Tone’ Davenport from a 2008 springer trip in the city. PORTLAND, Oregon – Each year during this time of year anglers from all over the world descend to the many various waters of the Pacific Northwest in pursuit of arguably the most sought after food fish […]

Thanks to Dante Jones it was my pleasure to take Dave and Tony out on their respective trips and Saturday for steelhead and Sunday for salmon. We were along side Captain Danny leading the way. Huge thanks to Daniel Bortis for the spring chinook trolling! TeamSalmon2013

We’re almost fully entrenched in spring chinook fever. Those of us that relish the winter steelhead season so must move on gracefully to the next season on deck. And it’s here. There’s nothing more important when spring salmon fishing, or any salmon fishing for that matter, that you correctly ‘match the hatch’. In this case […]

Neit from Nates Baits shows us some tips and tricks for springer fishing with prawns. Coming soon I’ll be writing up everything I learned at this seminar in a separate post. Watch for it!

With sick music, great friends and OFF THE HINGES salmon fishing……this movie will go down as one of the classics in the AAA library. Check it out. Special thanks to salmon expert boat angler Julian Young Gunz Zirkle along with Jeff Donaca, myself and Matthew MCP Morris. Now let the flags fly.