Damn I love this time of year. You can literally fish for 3 species of chrome fish. Hot damn.

It’s been pointed out that people would like to learn how to tie yarnies that have in-tact egg loops above the yarn ball itself. These are most often ran on drift with a very small cluster of eggs draped over the top of the multi-colored yarn ball and fixed into you exposed egg loop. This method was responsible for more than half our hook ups this weekend.

Some other fish came on a variety of float rigs including sliding, fixed dink, heavy rig with in-line weight, light with split shot. These rigs included pink worm variations on straight jig heads and jigs tipped with different kinds of coon shrimp tails.

Not producing for me this weekend were spoons and artificial only drift rigs including egg pattern plastics. Big bright stuff was the key to several fish Friday while dropping freezing levels cutting flows in half by today requiring a more subtle approach. Adaptation is the key during wet season fishing season trips.

I like small jigs in dark colors without baits added when flows approach averages or less. Big water allows you to be much more careless in your choice of lure/bait.

For now let’s take a look at a few more pics that came from the last coupla days…..These from The Hustler and J Blaze…

Steve G aka The Hustler

J Blaze with two of this three steelhead…

There’s a movie from the last three days in it’s infancy….mostly because I’m still an infant on the Mac. It’ll get done though. Give me the week.

H3llcat TeamSalmon & AAA Site Founder

  1. daheller says:

    Damn, you guys were busy. Those are some beautiful early winters. The high flows must have gotten them excited and blasting up the river. Amazing how the river conditions can change in just a day. I will be out on Wednesday and hopefully have something to share.

    Sal with no fish lately

  2. Nookslayer says:

    Was fun chasing chrome with you boys today in my favorite place. I’m due


  3. Steve G aka The Hustler says:

    Epic weekend. Definitely some good memories made.

    Steve G aka The Hustler

  4. Steve G aka The Hustler says:

    Bahahaha. I just noticed the Avatars.

    Steve G aka The Hustler

  5. Hellcat says:

    MME’s been having some fun with those.


  6. Anne's Revenge says:

    Wicked site man! Glad The Hustler pointed me in the right direction!

    Anne’s Revenge

  7. Hellcat says:

    Hell yeah much respect, Anne’s Revenge!


  8. The Hustler says:

    Anne’s Revenge is no joke. Can’t wait to fish with this assassin.

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