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Here’s a little diddy of a dandy pig the other day out on the water in a now “RARE” steelhead trip in the TripleA Diamond Back!

With more focus on content and less on social media we can get back to where we need to be. Let’s go.

Special thanks to Spencer Rhodes, Jeff Donaca, John Strenk, Nates Baits, REEL Lifestyle, Cleardrift Floats & Bobber down jigs, Blaine Pleasant, WL GORE, SIMMS FISHING. #chromesteelhead

Please contact me today to deposit on a trip for February before the end of January and save 170.00. With very slow fishing comes the need to try everything. If you’re in a small river: MOVE. If you’re in a big river with fish on the move: SIT. Change. Switch up lead. Leader length. Bait. […]

Enjoy this newest movie I’ve made of the last few trips out for summer run steelhead! Features the core anglers of Team Salmon ’13. (click this image to see full design by Spencer Rhodes)

Loaded with tips, tricks, comedy, fish porn and more….here we come. TeamSalmon2013. I believe you’ve heard. For more great videos go to my partners over at NW Killers Fishing and also over at Fishing Addicts Northwest. Both can be linked through this website via the sponsor logo window…or in their case also the LINKS section.

Enjoy this movie I made from footage provided by Spencer ‘Shaker’ Rhodes on his recent trip with my Dad and Ed Fast.

Our very own AAA afilliated GORE product tester, Spencer Rhodes, has teamed up with Ed Fast of Ed Fast River Adventures to give us some footage from a never before seen stretch of water here on AAA. Part one of this series is located in the beginning of the AAA TV Episode published Feb 13th. […]