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Got enough eggs out of this hen for three quarts. Yes. I said three quarts. That’s like a hundred bucks worth of bait. Proper. We only fished for two hours. Check out the vid.

And here’s some of the same footage shot from John Webb’s boat….kind of cool to see us rollin’ five deep in the AAA Drifter.

Last chinook season I met an angler who changed the local fishing game for me. I gave him the handle, Crusher. Between his boat and mine this weekend thirteen fish were hooked and of those eight landed. Much, much respect to The Crusher for showing me the way of the walk. He also got Steve […]

Local and national forecasters both are predicting our current drought in Oregon and SW WA could be the worst ever since the Trailblazers won a national championship. Remember that year? I was 3. So I do not. I won’t forget this year anytime soon though. Let’s take a look at a weekend on hover….what a […]