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Here are some photos and a video log will be upcoming from our day today chasing steelhead with Lucas Holmgren and Fishing Addicts NW front man Marlin LeFever. I whack my chrome hatchery hen on an R and B hammered chrome with blue tipped spoon…lucas landed one hen and one buck, both wild…on jigs. Marlin […]

I went out solo again on Christmas Eve day, yesterday, with a promise to Mila I would be home by nine AM. Dinner was planned at Grandpa Sal’s place and he asked for a fish to throw on the BBQ to go along with his famous Christmas Oyster Stew. I was home by 9:23am with […]

Here are some pics to wet your freaking palate from my Steelhead fishing trip today with Matt Love aka The Fishin’ Magician. It was severely epic. Brutal interceptions on our part. We nailed 6 steelhead in just under 3 hours. Many sea lice-laden. One large native Steelhead that would not give up. 5 absolutely chrome […]