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A huge thank you to Mr. Vinnie Froehlich for providing AAA with yet another fantastic and original piece! This one hits home as well as I’ve been having anchoring trouble….it seems I immediately benefit from your articles so I know my readers are too. Thank you again. I will insert pictures first and then text…. […]

Loaded with tips, tricks, comedy, fish porn and more….here we come. TeamSalmon2013. I believe you’ve heard. For more great videos go to my partners over at NW Killers Fishing and also over at Fishing Addicts Northwest. Both can be linked through this website via the sponsor logo window…or in their case also the LINKS section.

This first video features Dan Cox, owner of Cascade Jigs, as he hops in the AAA Diamond Back with Nick Nichols and I. John Webb donned his new boat with Santa in tow…and Shawn Richey aka Nookslayer and his brother Meskel bust out the pontoon. 2 more episodes yet to come. Do you guys like […]

Thanks for your support and be safe on the water when you’re boating and banking both. Make good decisions that ensure a trip after this one too. Now let’s fish! I would like to thank all the anglers I’ve been fishing with lately and truly cherish all the new chrome chasing opportunities I’m having with […]

A couple trips this year have been under ridiculously high water experiences. Strangely ironic since most of our December fishing was record low flows. Such is the dynamic us river junkies must contend. Music By Modest Mouse, Flaming Lips, Snow Patrol and Hello I’m a Truck. STAY TUNED FOR PART 2 WHICH IS A BANK […]