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A great weekend followed up by another great weekend and even some fish the last coupla days. Here’s a peak at some of the action to come from this weekend’s action with AAA and TS2013. Photo of Trevor Braatz Here’s the video shot by Trevor from his GoPro as he ran up on the fish […]

I’m still shaking. I caught my largest steelhead ever today on a modified Cascade Jig by Dan Cox. It measured 38.5 inches by 21 inches of girth. According to the common fish calculator…this fish went 21.22 pounds. And yes. That’s a clipped fin. Much more to come from an absolutely special day I will never […]

I went out solo again on Christmas Eve day, yesterday, with a promise to Mila I would be home by nine AM. Dinner was planned at Grandpa Sal’s place and he asked for a fish to throw on the BBQ to go along with his famous Christmas Oyster Stew. I was home by 9:23am with […]