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…TO THE LEFT….Chad Lynch aka SDP (steelhead destruction productions) and John Hippie Kicker Webb make a wicked metal hunting duo….. Chris Blanchard and Carlin Sage of the NWKillersFishing team (visit them from my LINKS section) are no strangers to late season heavy metal. Neither is John Freaking Webb. I’m supposed to call John the Hippie […]

I love it when our Sponsor, John Strenk, from THE REEL TECH company sends in pics of his recent trips. His production is outlandish. The quality of the fish is supreme. Here is John’s most recent trip out along with some ‘words from the angler’…. WORDS FROM THE ANGLER… “H3llcat, Here are a few […]

I’m still shaking. I caught my largest steelhead ever today on a modified Cascade Jig by Dan Cox. It measured 38.5 inches by 21 inches of girth. According to the common fish calculator…this fish went 21.22 pounds. And yes. That’s a clipped fin. Much more to come from an absolutely special day I will never […]