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Mista Koenig drops another Triple A contribution #AAAProStaff Making Jigs Part 3: Materials Now that you have your painted jig heads – whether you painted them yourself or went the easy route and bought them, it’s time to talk about the types of materials. I stick to about three materials when tying jigs but I […]

Matt O’Connor lives in Portland, Oregon and is a proud husband, father and rapidly growing river angler. Please welcome him with his first contribution to AAA. Flash and Stash Having recently gone on a coaching trip with Mr. Heller here at AAA, I took the boys to the tackle shop to pick up some gear […]

Mike Hale is a special contributor out of Seattle, WA and I have asked him to share his knowledge about the pink salmon fishery as he knows it. Big Triple A props to Mike. Every odd numbered year the Northwest comes alive in August and September with Pink Salmon (also known as Humpy Salmon). This […]

A huge thank you to Mr. Vinnie Froehlich for providing AAA with yet another fantastic and original piece! This one hits home as well as I’ve been having anchoring trouble….it seems I immediately benefit from your articles so I know my readers are too. Thank you again. I will insert pictures first and then text…. […]

….The REEL TRUTH manuscript. This text was transferred from Steve directly and I have not made any changes what so ever. Please enjoy this very special treat I have for you today. Best of all LEARN SOMETHING NEW! Who knows…maybe you will. AAA is an educational and entertainment content site primarily offering river and stream […]

For this personally timely and professionally invaluable piece of work I would like to give huge thank you to Mr. Vince Froehlich….the owner of North Fork Angling LLC and a full-time professional fishing guide & outfitter, operating currently in WA State. I will post the pics in the best order I can and cut the […]

The Nor Cal 2013 Steelhead Season… So Far By Mike McNeilly I’ve caught almost as many fish this season as I did last year, but I have had to fish a few more days and wear a lot more felt off the soles of my boots. We got hammered with rain in December and there […]

From their music studios to the river these guys are really great at entertaining! I’m happy to have them on board. Please show these new anglers some love. After all, they’re getting it done. TeamSalmon2013 * * *

And now without further adieu….The Chromehammer Kevin Gray. This is the fish from the story you’ve read about next post over. Enjoy. Kevin Gray is a frequent AAA contributor. To find more content from Kevin simply search by either of his names, Kevin Gray or Chromehammer, right her on AAA. * * *

This special write up is from guest contributor, Kevin Gray. Some of you may know him under the moniker ‘Chromehammer’. As always…thanks for reading. By Kevin Gray “As we move deeper into the winter steelhead season, we also move deeper into the winter weather season, which means constantly keeping tabs on the ever-changing water conditions […]