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This tournament and many more are organized, produced and moderated by NorthWestKillersFishing. Any questions feel free to post them here or on Thank you for your support. Chromedome Challenge Rules… -You must be friends with Nwk Fishing on FaceBook (or message me otherwise) . -Longest fish wins. (except Trout to 20″ tournament….for this tournament […]

This past couple of trips featured a culmination of anglers from up and down the five corridor as NWK’s Chris Blanchard and Garrett James came up the border for a night and a day. They stayed here in the Triple A Man Cave. Partners in chrome…we occupied two boats, counted out to six anglers also […]

Filmed March 9th with NorthWestKillersFishing on part three of our NW Connect series.

Finally episode 12 is available. For those of you keeping track I’ve already aired Ep.s 13 & 14….but this one took a while. I’ll be showing this one to PDX Metro Comcast Customers as well. Show dates and times coming soon. Enjoy. All Around Anglers in this one are: Spencer Rhodes, Nick Nichols, Chris Blanchard, […]

Big fish goes to Kenny James….

Posted: March 11, 2013 by Hellcat in Fish Reports
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While I’m working on a whole lot of footage right now from this trip I couldn’t wait another day before showing everyone from the All Around Angler Nation what a sixteen pound fish looks like. Great stuff happening with NWK and AAA. Keep a watch. Mr. Kenny James with this 33.5″ by 18.5″ winter steelhead […]

All footage gained from five cameras on February 16th, 2013 by North West Killers Fishing and All Around Angler. Movies produced by Chris Blanchard (pic to the left) of NWK Fishing. Movie No. 1 Movie No. 2 A LONG VERSION OF THIS TWO PART SERIES WILL BE FEATURED ON COMCAST PUBLIC TELEVISION TO PDX METRO […]

Some core AAA anglers and myself made a weekend trip to meet up with most of the guys from the North West Killers Fishing crew. Don’t know who the Killers are? What are these words you speak?! Here are some pics to hold you over while I start to work over this 4.8GB pile of […]

Thanks to Chris Blanchard of Nwk Fishing, his vision behind the camera, his timing on edits, his choice of music, the personality of his crew…..I could never make another fishing movie again starting right now and know that someone out there is doing it the RIGHT way. This weekend included all anglers who have met […]

A series of videos, pictures and events from our steelheading getaway January 2013. Let’s start with the house. TS2013

Certainly you know who NWK Fishing is by now right? You can log onto their site at NWKFISHING.BLOGSPOT.COM CLICK HERE CLICK HERE to see what they have been up to lately. OR/AND you can just watch them slay some early winter steel right here, right now. PART I PART II