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Here is a little ditty I put together from a few summer trips this season recently. Some cutting room floor stuff. Kinda fun to mess with. Special thanks to Jim Reed and Derek James Reed for their trip north this year. It was our pleasure.

This is Nick Nichols, John Webb, Matthew Morris and myself catching tributary summer chinook. This is a two morning effort. Thank you for your support. Please visit our store to purchase products that help support this quality angling content effort. Click the STORE tab on this website or on H3l

Here is what will be our last installment of tributary driftboat salmon and steelhead. My boat will go in for repair and upgrading this month. Please enjoy Matthew Morris doing what he does best….w/ some help 🙂

Got your notebook ready? Take notes. Do not deviate from the measurements. Ready? Go. And remember…Nates Bait is a proud sponsor of this fine company. Ya heard. * * * TeamSalmon has movies and content on line since 2007. That’s called a foundation. A body of work. It’s a must have if you’re trying to […]

Enjoy this newest movie I’ve made of the last few trips out for summer run steelhead! Features the core anglers of Team Salmon ’13. (click this image to see full design by Spencer Rhodes)

Loaded with tips, tricks, comedy, fish porn and more….here we come. TeamSalmon2013. I believe you’ve heard. For more great videos go to my partners over at NW Killers Fishing and also over at Fishing Addicts Northwest. Both can be linked through this website via the sponsor logo window…or in their case also the LINKS section.

Full Feature of 17 minutes coming tonight to AAA.

Here is a rare Friday I am able to fish thanks to my better half. A good day to film an episode of AAA TV. No? This episode has humor and drama. Two elements TeamSalmon are known for. I do not lie. NickNichols/TeamSalmon2013