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Here are some photos and a video log will be upcoming from our day today chasing steelhead with Lucas Holmgren and Fishing Addicts NW front man Marlin LeFever. I whack my chrome hatchery hen on an R and B hammered chrome with blue tipped spoon…lucas landed one hen and one buck, both wild…on jigs. Marlin […]

Here is the movie from our trip out yesterday for small river steelhead in the month of March. I turn 38 years old this month. I’ve been fishing for all thirty eight of those years. Just like my dad did and just like my son will. Thanks for your support and for watching movies.

Many more metal heads to come as soon as I can work up the media. Steve The Traveler Lynch was out of his mind this weekend too. His wife didn’t do too bad either. Story and movie to follow soon. H3l Traveler

In the words of GFK…..Here he is going ‘Beast Mode’. This is no doubt a gorgeous T.O.A.D. Little did the Magician and I know the other day as we Bee Lined for my spot that GFK and CDC were right behind us hitting the water we decided to skip. Another Dan Cox jig does the […]

When Friday night rolled around I was a wreck. I couldn’t sleep for the life of me. This happens to me every single time I have a fishing trip planned the next day. In order to fall asleep I play games in my head about steelhead or salmon, whatever is in season. I used to […]

There will be a pretty cool movie coming up very soon which depicts one helluva day that Donaca and I had on the river yesterday. I’ll be doing a write up similar to the previous day’s as well. For now though…since it was such a long time coming this season…..I wanted to give PROPS and […]

Hi and thanks for reading and viewing content here at All Around I appreciate your support. This post features a movie made from Saturday’s float trip for Luis Rivas’ aka El Padron’s birthday where a tough day gets a little tougher when my reel breaks while I’m fighting a steelhead. I do my best […]

Friday afternoon I decided to begin checking river levels and to reach out to my network of All Around Angling contacts for last minute tweeks to my weekend plans. Because I am a river junkie to the core, like many of you, I always leave my options open as to WHERE I’m going until the […]

The first few fish of the New Year come the 2nd day into it. On a day when I went out solo…I ended up running into several friends and even family….as we all had the same idea after watching the river levels for the last two days. After all, we’re TeamSalmon. Great minds think alike. […]

Today was a day of steelhead fishing not soon to forget. Not only did we beat them down….but I had to chase a fish through close to what we imagine are 300 yards of whitewater…and I did so without waders…waste deep in some spots. I took two falls and should’ve lost the fish for sure. […]