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As promised….here is The Traveler’s photo spread with some words from the angler as well…..Props to him for beating them down….and to The Crusher for getting 4 fish in one day. Crusher will claim he’s ‘New to this’. My A**. WORDS FROM THE ANGLER… “Hey Chris, What a weekend of catching with Colin the Crusher, […]

Nick Ross has kind of blown up on the scene the last month. For a guy that is self described as ‘newer’ to this river game of steelhead chasing….he is definitely putting wood to some metal. This trip he even got his buddy, Scott, into the mix. What these pics don’t show you is three […]

Hi and thanks for reading and viewing content here at All Around I appreciate your support. This post features a movie made from Saturday’s float trip for Luis Rivas’ aka El Padron’s birthday where a tough day gets a little tougher when my reel breaks while I’m fighting a steelhead. I do my best […]

These two guys have put some smack down this winter season. Steve Lynch aka The Traveler has earned his AAA-given name due to the extraordinary amount of driving he does to find his metal. The Crusher….well he just crushes it. I’ve seen him really mature as an angler over the last 6 months and I’m […]

People who don’t fish ask me all the time….”Why do you call certain fish ‘TOADS’ and other you do not?” I thought maybe I should put it down in writing for everyone to see. I guess this dovetails into the ‘Glossary’ discussion I’ve had before….but I just can’t help but think Glossaries are super cheesy. […]

I am preparing a write up from the day today as well as some photos to share with you. But I know everyone wants to see the movie first….and I really do enjoy delivering. This movie features two angles during the fight with the big fish. Big thanks to Kirby Cannon of for the […]