Steeling the days away…before the rains….

Posted: January 20, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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More pictures are coming into my mailbox than ever before. Here are a few from the past 7 days of fishing.

Thanks again for everyone that trusts All Around to keep your spots a secret and sends in their pics. Friend my on Facebook today Christopher Heller with a little note about which pics you’d like featured and it’s that much easier to get me your photos without emailing.

As always…the anglers name is above the pics they’ve submitted and their ‘Words from the angler” are underneath the photo(s)……

Brian Bair & BriBuck

“We’re fishing off of a log structure I built in 1998….apparently the steelhead like the pool it made because my Buddy BriBuck landed two in two cast! It was really cool (litterally…cold as)…we had a great day…fished about 3 hours and landed 10 fish, all pretty lathargic but damn fun.

“I got to help my Buddy (seriously good Buddy) tag wild steelhead on the ***** River the other day….God I love my job!” Brian Bair


Colin The Crusher Gruepner

“got a decent pic of the native with the pink worm in it’s mouth.bein by myself it was all i could do to get a quick pic,but the wild fish is layin on the bank out of the water for a quick second so i was afraid of gettin any flack for it bein out of water from anyone on the site tho,im usually better at the wild release but where i was i was solo at the time.ill sent it tho in case you can use it” The Crusher (Colin you’ll get no flack from this website and I appreciate the photo and the effort to return the fish promptly. CRH)

Steve The Traveler Lynch (Not to be confused with Steve the Slayer or Steve The Hustler. CRH)

Captain Jack Etling & Fireman Mike

Pictures by The Hustler

Shawn Nookslayer Richey & me, The Cat…

For coverage of the trip Shawn and I took together scroll back a couple posts or click on “Most Recent Movie”….

  1. The Hustler says:

    That’s a lot of chrome! I need to get on the board soon. Congrats to all on the success. Traveler, I noticed the Blue Fox paid off. NICE! (referencing people poking fun at the blue fox last year)

  2. Hellcat says:

    Wow. You’ve got telepathic skills, Hustler. Traveler’s wife was just flipping me sh*t about rolling my eyes at him last winter when he said those spinners were the ticket. Classic.

  3. Steve says:

    Thank’s Hustler,,,,,It’s amazing how those foxes seem to pull them in,,,,even better when I remember said site author with the eye role last year ,,, Ha! 🙂 Always a couple of them in the vest. Looking forward to getting out there with ya some time

  4. Steve says:

    Wow Colin, wish I would have been down river a bit and watched the battle, still brought home the second buck though!

  5. The Crusher says:

    Steve that was a tricky solo battle,i had a two foot slot to land him in and his head went where my rod tip went thank goodness.That was a fun day and congrats on that beautiful fish you got,i just looked over to see you pulling it onto the bank,that was a hog of a chromer.i like that new section of water as long as the herd of tan butts are not blocking the entrance haha.

  6. daheller says:

    Nice pics. I like the ones of the Sreamfixer (aka B B). Looks cold as hell but he looks to be a happy camper. Also good to see the boys styaing with the spinner action. Sal

  7. The Hustler says:

    Steve I would like fish blue foxes or any other method with you. I have 3 bf #4s that I have never used. Lots of folks like the R&B as they are a little heavier and get down quicker. Never used them either. Lets fish in February. Hopefully weather calms down a bit. I have a drift boat so that is a possibility as well. Peace out, Traveler.

  8. Great photos guys!! Lots of nice fish there!!

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