The Traveler’s Crew Crushes with Air……

Posted: February 14, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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As promised….here is The Traveler’s photo spread with some words from the angler as well…..Props to him for beating them down….and to The Crusher for getting 4 fish in one day. Crusher will claim he’s ‘New to this’. My A**.


“Hey Chris,

What a weekend of catching with Colin the Crusher, Air Jordan and of course my beautiful wife Sveta.

Saturday the crew went 6 for eight with the Crusher performing the smack down 4 for 4,….he was on fire and these fish were not brats.

I would classify the first day of the weekend “T.O.A.D Saturday” as the pics signify.

Taken with a combination of jigs, sand shrimp and of course the mighty blue fox!

Sunday not quite as productive as Sat. but we went 3 for 4 with Sveta pulling in her first native in combo with my hatch for the weekend.

Great time had by all!!

Steve ‘The Traveler’ Lynch”

  1. Donaca says:

    Damn traveler those are some nice fish. Amazed you were able to pull some hatchery out of the *******. Look forward to fishing with you soon. Feel bad for Kirby he is showing Colin and I some springer tips this weekend. With Colin’s learning curve there will be no springers left for anyone else.

  2. The Crusher says:

    Hey great weekend everyone,great to see everyone and also meet matt sunday.Chris you were lookin’ sharp in those new waders,i like the zip down front feature.That was one of the most fun times steelheading i have had besides the ******** smackdown.I enjoyed the weekend and all of the great company!thanks for the kind words chris and donaca i appreciate it!Jordan had a blast as well and has caught on very quick and is hooked haha.looking forward to more fun times everyone take care and fish on!

  3. daheller says:

    Great job you guys. It looks like a place upstream where I fished for coho earlier in the year. Beautiful fish and excellent to see Sveta nailing a nice fish. Sal

  4. Steve says:

    You are correct with the Crusher’s claim “to being new at this” that’s a bunch of Cr$@”p,,,, he is a chrome slayer by definition! Also witnessed Mr. Air Jordan pulling in that toad for about 15 minutes, a newby to the winter’s
    who certainly has the “Game On” method, he landed at least two toads over the weekend, many more to come from both I’m sure and a pleasure to fish with them over the weekend.
    Donaca, looking forward to getting out with you too, definitely some hatch left, for how long who knows.

    Tight knots and wet tips!

  5. Great job guys and awesome photos. Talk about getting it done!

  6. Steve says:

    For the record, all native fished quickly returned to the water and a hell of alot less stress than when they had a hook in their mouth.

  7. The Crusher says:

    Im confused did we do something wrong?

  8. Hellcat says:

    Soooo technically the law reads you cannot lift native fish out of the water…..which most anglers looking for a picture always do. Hence the discussion. Whether or not doing so is harmful in most situations is debatable. The practice however is most likely something I’ll try to get better at. I’m always about getting that PIC….but I’ll try to so a bit more gracefully.

  9. The Crusher says:

    Oh i understand now,i read the caption on the other page murray had,was confused with travelers comment.Very understandable,i have been trying to become better at that and get a pic like murray had with the fish in the water.All for the benifit of the fish which is a positive thing!fish on fellas

  10. The Crusher says:

    I hope that didn’t come off in a negative way i was just confused,appologies in advance.

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