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Hi and thanks for reading and viewing content here at All Around I appreciate your support. This post features a movie made from Saturday’s float trip for Luis Rivas’ aka El Padron’s birthday where a tough day gets a little tougher when my reel breaks while I’m fighting a steelhead. I do my best […]

Lately I’ve been keeping a calendar in the desk drawer of my computer station. Next to the calendar I have a sharpie pen. Every time I talk about planning a trip with someone I’m writing it into the calendar in order to make certain the trip actually goes down. Doesn’t get lost in the everyday […]

This is the movie that goes along with the story I wrote and posted yesterday. Thanks for visiting All Around and please tell a friend about us today. Also, leaving comments is a breeze so give it a try! NEW MOVIE HERE!!! Footage captured by Luis Jose Rivas aka El Padron on Saturday, December […]

The previous morning or two before our trip temps dipped into the low 20’s out here by my house. Star-filled nights without a cloud to be found will tend to drop the thermos pretty quickly. Especially in December. La Nina weather patterns are a strangely unpredictable and change bring about drastic changes throughout an entire […]