There will be a pretty cool movie coming up very soon which depicts one helluva day that Donaca and I had on the river yesterday. I’ll be doing a write up similar to the previous day’s as well. For now though…since it was such a long time coming this season…..I wanted to give PROPS and BIG UPS to Big Jeff Donaca for putting this gorgeous FAT BOY TOAD on the bank yesterday. This fish fought like it was twice it’s size. Donaca did a fantastic job landing it in the same spot where I had just about got spooled by a TOAD the cast before. Nice work, Jeff. Lots of casts pays off. Lots and lots of casts. Great fish my friend.

  1. Donaca says:

    Great day fishing with you yesterday. Had a good time with Team Salmon all weekend. Even though Kirby and I didnt rip any lips we still were able to put our time in at 4 different locations.

  2. Hellcat says:

    Yeah you and Sturdy hit it so hard. Night plunking to jig fishing. That’s hardcore.

  3. Right on Jeff! It sounds like persistence paid off for you. Nice fish.

  4. The Hustler says:

    Way to go, Jeff. You deserved that fish like no other. Keep ’em wet…

  5. Hellcat says:

    Yeah Strenk, he was way overdue.

  6. scott dyer says:

    nice fish. way to go.

  7. Big Burge says:

    Nice fish

  8. Steve says:

    Good job Donaca! Persistence does pay off, many more to come I’m sure

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