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Here is what will be our last installment of tributary driftboat salmon and steelhead. My boat will go in for repair and upgrading this month. Please enjoy Matthew Morris doing what he does best….w/ some help 🙂

Loaded with tips, tricks, comedy, fish porn and more….here we come. TeamSalmon2013. I believe you’ve heard. For more great videos go to my partners over at NW Killers Fishing and also over at Fishing Addicts Northwest. Both can be linked through this website via the sponsor logo window…or in their case also the LINKS section.

Full Feature of 17 minutes coming tonight to AAA.

I was speaking to Matthew Morris aka MCP on the horn the other night and he shared with me he and The Chromehammer, Kevin Gray, were going to do an end of the week steelhead assault. Not to mention the chrome bright fish that shook MCP free…this is the result of that collaboration. ‘Yikes’. ‘Yikes’ […]

This footage was shot Saturday, November 3rd, Two thousand and twelve. TeamSalmon.

Tangled lines creating chaos resulting in boxed slabs along with a special underwater feature you won’t want to miss…..TeamSalmon2012.

Here is the first installment of a pair. Action from Sunday the 14th with the Chromehammer, TowTruck and MCP. TeamSalmon/2012. This film features AAA sponsor Cleardrift Floats.

With the network of AAA contributors growing rapidly I am continuing to get photos and stories from all over the PacNW of people slammin’ fish even during this mega drought we are stuck smack dab in the middle of. Here’s some of the players and slayers from the last couple days. Matthew Morris….I call him […]

His name stands for More Chrome Please and he is a great friend. That’s him holding TeamSmolt not long after his entrance to World. He is one of the wildest river runnerz I’ve ever fished with. I have videos on my Youtube channel of him chasing fish across rivers with complete disregard for his own […]