Damn big steelhead for Kevin Gray

Posted: December 17, 2012 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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I was speaking to Matthew Morris aka MCP on the horn the other night and he shared with me he and The Chromehammer, Kevin Gray, were going to do an end of the week steelhead assault. Not to mention the chrome bright fish that shook MCP free…this is the result of that collaboration. ‘Yikes’. ‘Yikes’ is the word you’re looking for. Too bad he is not in Chris Blanchard’s Chromdome tourney. That fish would’ve won.

I’ll be posting some recent catches and kills this week as well. You can find more of Kevin Gray, Patrick Robinson, Vasiliy Strizheus and Mike McNeilly in this upcoming C&K to name a few.

  1. Great job kevin…..DANDY steelhead Bud 🙂

  2. jason says:

    Nice fish Kevin. Bummer your not in CDC.

  3. Brandon Hill says:

    danggggg. that is a …good looking fish. ive seen ALOT of big fish and the season isnt even at it’s peak yet..going to be another big fish year.

  4. Hippie Kicker says:

    damn nice fish right there

  5. Awesome job, what a fish.

  6. Mr. Sockeye says:

    That’s a nice bright big early season chromer. No fishing down here this weekend. We are getting hammered with weather again.

  7. kmoore says:

    dude, what a great fish. slabbage

  8. REEL LIfestyle says:

    I am so impressed ,, Great work indeed…

  9. Hellcat says:

    Kev’s a fishy, fishy dude.

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