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Full Feature of 17 minutes coming tonight to AAA.

Finally episode 12 is available. For those of you keeping track I’ve already aired Ep.s 13 & 14….but this one took a while. I’ll be showing this one to PDX Metro Comcast Customers as well. Show dates and times coming soon. Enjoy. All Around Anglers in this one are: Spencer Rhodes, Nick Nichols, Chris Blanchard, […]

With a Christmas gift to his dad of a trip with his old buddy H3llcat….we ended up creating a memory. Ron Donaca’s very first steelhead. A toad at that. Check out our float in this latest episode of All Around Angler Television.

Enjoy this episode of AAA where Spencer finally lands a bruiser, Ed Fast guest stars (even if you don’t see him) and I make Nick Nichols net a steelhead of mine from the bank because I got tired of losing them at this spot. Here we go.

Here is a rare Friday I am able to fish thanks to my better half. A good day to film an episode of AAA TV. No? This episode has humor and drama. Two elements TeamSalmon are known for. I do not lie. NickNichols/TeamSalmon2013

This video entry for Saturday, February 2nd, 2013. It features Nick Nichols, Corey Rusco, Trevor Braatz, Spencer Rhodes and Jeff Donaca. We were unsuccessful in our efforts today in fooling a fish. That’s what makes AAA TV the REEL Lifestyle. The pros don’t make every basket. Our four trip streak with winter steelhead was broken. […]