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This next is demonstrated by Matthew Morris of TeamSalmon and AAA. This knot is recommended for mono to braid when the opposing lines vary greatly in diameter. Otherwise you’re safe with your Double Uni.

Here is a little ditty I put together from a few summer trips this season recently. Some cutting room floor stuff. Kinda fun to mess with. Special thanks to Jim Reed and Derek James Reed for their trip north this year. It was our pleasure.

Enjoy this newest movie I’ve made of the last few trips out for summer run steelhead! Features the core anglers of Team Salmon ’13. (click this image to see full design by Spencer Rhodes)

Full Feature of 17 minutes coming tonight to AAA.

Here is the first installment of a pair. Action from Sunday the 14th with the Chromehammer, TowTruck and MCP. TeamSalmon/2012. This film features AAA sponsor Cleardrift Floats.

With the network of AAA contributors growing rapidly I am continuing to get photos and stories from all over the PacNW of people slammin’ fish even during this mega drought we are stuck smack dab in the middle of. Here’s some of the players and slayers from the last couple days. Matthew Morris….I call him […]

His name stands for More Chrome Please and he is a great friend. That’s him holding TeamSmolt not long after his entrance to World. He is one of the wildest river runnerz I’ve ever fished with. I have videos on my Youtube channel of him chasing fish across rivers with complete disregard for his own […]