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Tangled lines creating chaos resulting in boxed slabs along with a special underwater feature you won’t want to miss…..TeamSalmon2012.

Here is the first installment of a pair. Action from Sunday the 14th with the Chromehammer, TowTruck and MCP. TeamSalmon/2012. This film features AAA sponsor Cleardrift Floats.

Another day on the water with Cleardrift Floats. This time Jacob Ross shows us how well they work for low, clear water and finicky steelhead. Watch for the sick aerial…..

This movie also features my newest sponsor, Cleardrift Floats. Special thanks to Drew Taylor for running these bad boys. Major props to The Chromehammer, Kevin Gray, as always. This guy knows how to catch salmon and steelhead….that’s for darn certain. TeamSalmon 2012 is rockin’. Movie located below Picture Gallery…. MOVIE HERE:

By next week Cleardrift Floats will be officially rotating in our sponsor window right here on the one and only At that time I’ll do a full introduction of the product with some testimonials and endorsements from Chad Lynch, John Webb and other high power local river anglers. For now….here’s a promo vid featuring […]

Got enough eggs out of this hen for three quarts. Yes. I said three quarts. That’s like a hundred bucks worth of bait. Proper. We only fished for two hours. Check out the vid.