A Nightmarish Steelhead Fishing Tear Down

Posted: December 18, 2011 by Hellcat in Fish Reports, Gear Fishing, Salmon, Trout & Steelhead
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Here are some pics to wet your freaking palate from my Steelhead fishing trip today with Matt Love aka The Fishin’ Magician. It was severely epic. Brutal interceptions on our part. We nailed 6 steelhead in just under 3 hours.

Many sea lice-laden.

One large native Steelhead that would not give up.

5 absolutely chrome hatchery fish.

With 5 steelhead of this quality on my rod this was easily my best day…thanks to The Magician…..make that one third of a day…of steelhead fishing ever. Mr. Matt Love pretended I was a bull and rowed me down to a field full of cows. So to speak. All praise the Fishin’ Magician for sitting back and letting me get my friggin’ slam on in his water. Truly a trip I’ll never forget and one that words do no justice for.

I’ve just completed the movie…and depending on how fast Youtube can digest 8.8GB of movie data (currently telling me 10-15 hours) I will have that movie posted up here on the site for your fishing porn pleasure. Chrome rockets slamming jigs in low clear water and tumbling down river frantic with frenzy. In fact this was a day that will rank in my top ten of all time. That’s sayin’ something. Thank you Matt Love. You are, indeed, a magician and a gentleman. Okay, a scholar too 🙂







Yeah, right? Sometimes you’re in the right place at the right time. I’ve got a lot more fun pics to share but I’ll space them out a bit. Let you digest this while I check my Youtube counter. That’s the only bummer about this whole thing is that I can’t show you the movie as you read this. I know The Magician is anxious.

Keep ’em wet,

Christopher H3llcat Heller

  1. Steve says:

    Holy smokes Heller and Matt!! good job you guy’s,……wish I would have found 1/2 of one those chromers. Must have found a little bit more water than where Sveta, The Crusher and I were,…… Kudo’s to a couple of fishy fella’s!

  2. daheller says:

    Amazing fishing., and beautiful fish. You guys definitely hosed down that river. Nice going. Sal

  3. Big Tone says:

    You guy’s are just plain sick!
    Speedy scales in the drifter.
    Pheenaam day.

  4. Hellcat says:

    Thanks, Steve! I appreciate the comment!

  5. Hellcat says:

    Thanks Dad. Yeah. Matt love walked me down to a field full of cows, that’s for sure.

  6. Hellcat says:

    BT….our boy the Fishin’ Magician is a serious player. He put me on fish, stood back and just let me go nuts. A true All Around Angler.

  7. j-blaze says:

    Why run down and f&^# one, when you can float down and f*@k em’ all! Heller, he was your river pimp, letting you run through his stable.

  8. Hellcat says:

    Yeah I tell you what. That’s right on the money. Dude let me step in and hammer. Now that’s a true blue All Around Angler.

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