I am preparing a write up from the day today as well as some photos to share with you. But I know everyone wants to see the movie first….and I really do enjoy delivering.

This movie features two angles during the fight with the big fish. Big thanks to Kirby Cannon of PDXSALMONJUNKIE.com for the GoPro he fitted me with and also to one of my oldest and best friends, Pete Burgess aka Big Burge. He was a helluva First Mate today. Next time the bends are on your rod, Burge.


  1. brandon says:

    Nice work guys. That fish didn’t want to come in. I like the cam from the fisherman’s perspective. Keep it up!

  2. The Crusher says:

    Awesome vid chris,looks like you guys got a solid day of rain also!Air jordan got his first steelie ever yesterday ,hatchery chromer.good weekend all around guys!

  3. Steve says:

    Battle ON,……good job chris, that guy did not want to see the bank for sure!

  4. daheller says:

    Damn, those were both some very respectable fish. I guess you should be checking the kind of knot that you are using after losing that first one…..you use a clinch knot don’t you? Anyway, that second fish was a beauty and the photography was great. Flashing silver and jade green water go well together. Sal

  5. Nookslayer says:

    Toad the wet rocket? That is phat. Nice fish guys… Cat I have that CD and yes I said it…

  6. Big Burge says:

    Nice vid, that came together great. Thanks for such a great time on the river. It was cool to meet Kirby and Ryan too. Can’t wait to do it again. BB

  7. Very nice video guys! One stubborn feisty chromer there. The aerial on that first one was great!! Love the fishermans eye view filming, looking right over that rod bent to the cork!! Looks like a fine day steelhead fishing in the Northwest to me!!

  8. Hellcat says:

    Nookslayer I’m glad you ‘Got it’. Of course I have that music too. I was hoping the Pun would reveal itself.

  9. The Hustler says:

    Finally got to watch this one. I liked the sound effects in the begining. How do you spell that? Oopeeoopeeoopee? Great fish man. Making the best of rainy weather.

  10. scott dyer says:

    cool video. nice fish. looked like a lot of rain comeing down that day. always like watching your videos and enjoy your website. learned a lot of stuff on this site about jig fishing thanks

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